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About Dramatic New Life...

Dramatic New Life Ministries (DNL) is a non-denominational fine arts program based in Federal Heights, Colorado. We believe we are to reach out into our community and give of ourselves, just as our home church, Thrive, and pastor, David "Bo" Sosa, believe and teach. We desire to touch hearts and change lives with a collective ensemble of God given talents from those in and around these communities. We aim to handle ourselves and situations with professionalism and excellence, but also with a compassionate heart and understanding. It is the goal and desire of DNL that the theater skills, musical ability and spiritual walk of each player will be increased as we bond together throughout each production.

This, then, is what I command you: love one another - John 15:17

We believe in love. We know what the power of love can do in people and it is what God commands of us. We see no use in trying to impose our beliefs on others, nor do we make pre-expectations on what our audiences leave with; we simply view our work as helping others come to a clearer understanding of our faith, hard work, and appreciation for the arts and above all, love.

Careful consideration and sensitivity is taken towards other people's faiths, beliefs, thoughts and opinions. However, expect rehearsals, meetings, auditions and other gatherings to open and close in a word of prayer, and a brief period for you to share any personal needs or concerns.

Our Mission

It is the mission of DNLM to provide a safe community for people of all ages to use and grow in their God-given gifts while enjoying the performing arts, offering a source of wholesome and enriching fine arts and entertainment within an atmosphere of positive and faith filled values, while promoting a family bond by encouraging togetherness while working toward a worthwhile common goals.

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